Pool Si?…No!

One of the things we do is assist our Clients with simple management of their Rental properties. Its a service we provide usually free of charge BUT after all the crap tenants have come up with this year, we may need to change this policy OR at least change out all the tenants.

As I have said in the past “Dear Tenants, Do Not piss off the Landlords Rep….it will not end well”.

Today’s crazy tenant episode.

Tenant; “I would like to put in a pool in the backyard”

Landlord; “No”

Tenant; “OK”

Landlord; “Thank you”

Tenant in a low voice….”I really don’t give a crap what the landlord said, I’m putting in a pool…how will they find out?”

What you see above is the pool said tenant installed in the backyard.

How do we have a picture from the next door neighbors yard?

Landlord IS the next door neighbor.

Seriously, I cannot make this shit up…..

This Tenant does not want to “GottaJavMiami”


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