OK it’s official…………

First Happy New Year….Now pay up!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m proud to say that I did complete the 31 days and this post proves it…sort of….

I have said it before and will say it again; RAVEN you have been a great inspiration and I thank the whole group that kept me involved…and honest….and involved.

BTW; remember that famous “fitness” piece that was supposed to air over the summer?
Well it aired this morning and did we know?

Know, we did not know…really we did not know..No!!!
Who the hell came up with “know” to mean NO?

Oh, we have raised over $2,200.00 in donations, we will get to our goal of $2,500.00 this week.

All of you have been GREAT, I thank you…Over and Over.

Also, welcome back Andrea…Congrats to Erica..and Jessy you game?

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