No, I did not…….

Stay in St Barths…….even thought there is a RE/MAX office (please take note IRS when you see my Credit card bill and I have pictures to prove it) that was willing to hire me, I made an effort to hop on a ferry, take a scary cab ride, sit in St Marteen’s airport for hours and argue with a dude in a wheel chair (really)…I am back.

“So what have you been doing Jav since the last post?” you may ask.

I have been Mucho busy with Real Estate related stuff including but not limited to….

Being fired by a Seller for telling them the truth….

Seeing not one but two folks go into a septic tank, seeing same two folks get a septic tank inspection wrong then seeing one folk get septic inspection right….

One more appraiser F/Uping a perfectly good deal…

One more Mr. know it all, I graduated from Law school, I need to prove to my client that I can F/Up a perfectly good deal, deal…..

Saving Mr. know it all from Fing/Up deal….

One of the Greatest MLS descriptions EVER writen by yours truly AND getting calls from Clueless Realtor’s asking what is a “Croqueta Fire”…also where is the lock box.

Blowing up stuff on SoBe and NOT hatching turtles…. (OK so this is not RE Related)

BUGS!!!! in a Rental Condo, In drapes, on beds, in shoes and having my bug guy state….and I quote “Well I know what they are not, so let’s gas them and see what happens”… BTW; he drives a tricked out Mercedes…

Closing on a perfectly good home in Pine Bay Estate and promptly destroying said perfectly good home….for the better.

Selling a not listed property and promptly listing same not listed property WITH THE BEST EVER MLS DESCRIPTION!!!! Bring on the MLS board.

Closing a home in one of my favorite places… Abitare In Coconut Grove….

Closing a little shit kicker that I could have closed 4 months ago if not for another Mr. know it all…well you get my point.

Taking Golf money fro Riley….I can’t help myself.

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