I’m an All Star!!!!

Or so said Zillow.

First it was Trulia with some award, now it’s Zillow with some other fake award (which is based on how many listings/pictures/etc they have swipe from me), soon a Pulitzer!!!

As you may already know, I really don’t like these folks and find them to be parasites BUT they do provide a lot of pretty pictures, graphs and all sorts of cool eye candy (so does playboy/playgirl/playpet/playetc) which lead folks to feel they can make intelligent decisions until………they actually try to make appointments, see properties and in general get past the eye candy (just like playboy/playgirl/playpet/playetc….you can’t get appointments either).

Smart Buyers & Sellers are catching on to these sites as just the money making platform that uses others to make dough for their investors. (Facebook anyone?) And while they boast crazy “Hits” and Clicks” and “Eyeballs”..we in this gig called Real Estate are seeing and hearing a different story.

Buyers and Sellers are being turned off by all the incorrect info, delayed postings and in general just the sites themselves.

These sites may see clicks in cyberspace…..but we see Clients in real space.

Want to see what one of these sites promotes??

Read on…….

Trulia has this “ask a question” tab and I glance at them when one catches my eye.

Most of them are Realtor’s promoting themselves or VERY specific questions that you cannot not answer BUT every once in awhile you get a classic……

Bonus Question?

Do you know the answer?

I do…

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