New Rental Scam!

What I love about Scamer’s is that if they dedicated themselves to legal stuff they probably could invent the next Face Book, Google or IBM…..
BUT being lazy bastards they came up with this new Rental Scam.
Email below was sent to me by a customer; the listing in question is MINE, its for SALE, it’s already UNDER CONTRACT and is a result of “Syndication”……(which I despise, more on this later)
BTW; Tiffany sounds like a sweetheart, her website is under construction and the only Casille property I could fine was in Louisiana…..(Not really, He wears a wife beater, is in his basement and lives with Mom)
Enjoy, you have been warned and DON’T click on links….

From: Tiffany Casille
Date: February 2, 2013, 8:27:28 AM EST
To: Steven
Subject: Re: $1788 / 2br – 1106ft² – Stylish 2/2 House For Rent (Coral Gables)

Hello Steven,
Thank you so much for getting in touch about the property. Yes, it is still available.
As you may imagine, we have gotten an overwhelming amount of responses from all sorts of people interested in our properties. In order to manage our business and our tenants most efficiently, we have established the following policy:
We don’t charge application fees, but we do require each prospective tenant to provide a current copy of their credit report(s). We just want to make sure there aren’t any recent evictions or lease-related judgements. Completing this step also shows us that you are indeed serious about leasing with us and not just window-shopping.
Follow this link to access your report – Equifax
Let me know when you’ve printed out your report. DO NOT e-mail it to me! Once you’ve got it printed out, I’ll be happy to set up a time with you to walk through the property.
Best Regards,
Tiffany Casille
Casille Property Management

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