More Scams…

But this time, instead of going after clients they go after Realtors…..God how I love these clowns!

Our Scammer’s knowing that all Realtor’s are money grubbing pond scum send out this classic “lead request” through 3rd party Realtor site (in this case and oh yeah Syndication, starting to see a trend?).

So let’s see what Mr.Yan from Japan has to say (hey it rhymes)………again a real email….and again DON’T click on the links.

This is an automated message sent by a website consumer.  To reply, please use the email address supplied by the sender: [email protected]

To: Javier Gonzalez P.A

First Name:  Mr. Chichi Yan.

Last Name: 

Subject: Lead from a website consumer about your other listings


I am Mr. Chichi Yan. a Japanese origin and i base in Malaysia, I need a 4 to 5 bed room single family home to buy and it as to be a traditional sale and its going to be a cash buy, with a garage and 2 bath with or without swimming pool.



Email target: Agent

Want to know how this ones plays out?

Like this;
I will send you a deposit for more then we need, you then send “overage” back to me……and then the check bounces…but yours doesn’t….

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