MLS Board…..

Has no sense of humor.

Know why?

Because they have NEVER sold a home!!!!!!!

Really, they sit in their Ivory tower (we pay their salary) and bust our “pelotas” because we do not meet some of their MLS standards…

True email from a Board robot, (infraction in Bold)

Subject: MLS Fine: A1827945 Invalid Area used in the TaxID (046) Ref:521323fb694d7
Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Javier Gonzalez,
Our iCheck program identified and reported the following error or violation on Tuesday, August 13, 2013.  A notice was sent to the listing agent and broker, providing a 3-day grace period in which to correct the situation.  The iCheck system performed its recheck for compliance after the grace period, and found that the error or violation shown below had not been cured.
In accordance with MIAMI’s MLS Rules and Regulations, an automatic fine of $100 is now due and payable.  Please remit payment within 30 days and correct the error or violation in order to avoid further fines, sanctions, or suspension of service.
  MLS # : A1827945
  Adress:  5838 74 TE, Unit #116, South Miami, Florida 33143
  Status: Active-Available
  Type  : Condo/Co-Op/Villa/Townhouse
  Agent : Javier Gonzalez
  Broker: RE/MAX Advance Realty, Inc.
  Error : Invalid Area used in the TaxID (046)
  Description:  Invalid Area, 41, used in the TaxID: 09-40-36-062-0150. Where the 3nd and 4rd numbers in the TaxID should match the Area.
No phone call is needed. If you believe you received this fine in error, please notify our MLS Department by REPLYING TO THIS EMAIL.

MLS Violations Department

“So Jav what does this mean?”

It means that whoever produced this email has no fuc@#$%^ clue how to sell a home AND do the best for their Client….yes Client (like I’m your Client MLS Robot).

If you know anything (Robot) you would know that this property sits in a VERY unique area south of US 1 which is covered by area 40 BUT is represented by area 41 (you know Grove, Gables, High Pines)….so you tell me Robot…. if you had a choice of how I repped you, would you want to be in Kendall…Or High Pines?

Really….tell me?

Keep your hundred bucks!

Someone who has sold/leased a 1000 homes……You?

BTW; I replied as requested to email and did you get a reply?….I haven’t.

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