MLS Board VS Jav part 2…

So Remeber my Rant last night about the Robot fining me 100.00 for doing something it did not like?

I got this back this morning from Robot. (see bold lettering)


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Javier Gonzalez,

Our iCheck program performed its recheck for compliance after the grace period, and found that the following error or violation wascorrected on Tuesday, August 20, 2013. Thank you for complying with our MLS Rules and Regulations and improving the accuracy and integrity of our MLS data.

       MLS #:  A1827945

       Adress:  5838 74 TE, Unit #116, South Miami, Florida 33143

       Status:  Active-Available

        Type:  Condo/Co-Op/Villa/Townhouse

       Agent:  Javier Gonzalez

      Broker:  Brenda Bly

       Error:  Invalid Area used in the TaxID (046)

 Description:  Invalid Area, 41, used in the TaxID: 09-40-36-062-0150. Where the 3nd and 4rd numbers in the TaxID should match the Area.


MLS Department


Very important to note, I did not make the change yesterday from Area 41 to Area 40… happened “magically”….


Since I will not be defeated by this Robot….I changed it back this Morning to Area 41…but with a twist!

To be continued I’m sure….

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