Mango Strut!

We were invited to participate in this years Strut for the main reason that I have a jeep with big wheels.

As you can see there is a big sign in front and our group was doing an NRA parody.

Now this was the good picture….(Thank you Grape)


For those of you that may want to “tarnish” my stellar “political” image, there may be a photo out there that shows me behind my jeep smiling with a beer in one hand, a hang loose in the other……


I forgot….

That there was also a sign attached to the back of the jeep that lets just say….

No one should smile or hang loose at!

When someone from the crowd tried to save me from myself by calling out “Hey why you smiling”?

I said It’s a Parade!

And now you know why I’ll never be elected….

Before you smile, read @Gotta Jav Miami”


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