It’s 8:30 am and do you know…….

Where my Mother in Law is? The airport baby, she is out-a-here, I am one happy camper.
Her flight is at 10 am, but since I do not want her to miss the flight I had her there at 7:30am.

So the State is going to get tough on Mortgage Brokers, this of course is another one of those great ideas after the fact. As my attorney always tells me “don’t come to me after the horse has left the barn”

Most of these MB’s are legit and a lot of the fault still falls on the folks (read you and I) that signed up for all of these great deals. Goes back to my kindergarten lesson “if it sounds to good to be true….”
It’s always reassuring to hear from usually smart people; you know collage grads with all sorts of masters “well I thought that I was signing for a 30 year note” when in fact (and they knew it) were signing for a reverse interest only ARM.
Now it’s my job to get them out of it…ah the life of a Realtor.

Tomorrow the Fish play the Jets in NY, lets hope we win or else I have to put up with all sorts of Shit (mostly from Ana)

Oh and fair warning, my Bday is on Tuesday, so make sure you wish me a happy one or else I’ll call you.

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