Island living?

A Break from GRESE and just think, Holiday weekend and it’s cold as HELL up north….

BUT not here, cue Zac Brown!

So have you been dreaming of “getting” away from it all?

Tired of tablets, cell phones, twitter, texting, tumbling, blogging, pinning, foursquaring, facebooking, grouponing, mapping, web surfing?

If so, do I have the perfect place for you.

A mere 2.5 hours away (less then Key West, or for that matter a nice busy day on I-95) is Pine Island Marina where you can hop on the Island Girl (and I mean not in a good way) and a short boat ride (enough to down a beer) later you’ll be on a Private Island surrounded by Surf, Sand, Umbrella drinks and no cars.

Private tours available (I’ll pay for drinks), more info at

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