GRESE Chapter 11

Sorry folks for the delay (and no mid season reruns to keep you entertained) but creating a new Bat Cave is not easy but rest assured we are up and running in the new, improved and better ventilated Bat Cave!

So, let’s get back to the story and it starts with that low life Catch.


I had enough of this poser giving me grief at every turn in this deal, I had to put an end to him ASAP.

This town is Big but if you know that right folks, it gets small really fast and I know the right folks; Catch got small really fast.

A couple of phone calls, a couple a favors called in and Poof, no more Catch….

OK back to the Dame and the Dump.

“Where’s Catch” she asked.

“Gone, baby gone” I stated (in another lame movie reference).

What did you do to him?

“Don’t worry baby, everything will turn out alright” I sang (wow, now the Beach Boys).

Walking away, she said “OK, I was getting tired of him anyway, show me this Dump”

I walked her through every detail of the home, from one of a kind terrazzo slab flooring to soaring cantilevered ceilings in between walls of glass and natural light, I  knew she was coming around to my way of thinking when she stepped back, caught her breath and lite a cigarette.

“SOLD” she purred.

But an Agents job is never done………..

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