F@#$ing Russian’s they finally got me.

Minding my own business yesterday and just checking my emails early in the morning when I spot an IRS notice.

Now I know, the IRS does not send emails BUT just the day before I was working on a new investment property and I had communicated with the lovely folks at the Revenue Services.

So while the email look semi official and I had not had enough coffee, I opened the word doc and sure enough I got the big red box telling me I was “playing Russian Roulette” and had to pony up a ransom in bit coins or all my files would stay encrypted!


Not really, I have a nifty little web program that stores all my files and I have my very own hacker in other parts of the world who promptly un-hacked my laptop.

Moral of the story?

Even the Russians try to “gottaJavMiami”



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