I know Fridays are for “flashback” but they are also for “political dumps” and I am going to use my Friday blog post to make comments on both; sometimes flashing back, sometimes dumping but what will be constant is that the stories will have a little political / governmental slant to them.

So here goes….

Sometime late last year I drew the ire of quite a few Grove residents when I spoke out supporting the City of Miami’s attorney when her integrity was questioned in what was an ill fated political move by a local Commissioner.

I made a public comment in City Hall that went something like this

“City Attorney has worked tirelessly to stop FPL’s efforts to build 100 ft power poles in our neighborhood and protect our tree canopy and while other municipalities have given in, she has fought on… if I knew nothing else about her…that would be enough for me.”

I went on to say some other stuff about protecting us from dumb politicians but that’s for another day…

We tend to lose our focus as a community when we only focus on what affects a few (Coral Gables sold out to FPL) but true leadership looks at what affects all of us and makes the hard decisions for all of us and not just when those decisions are politically favorable.

This happened last week and it’s a huge win for All of us!

End of the line for FPL’s appeal of Turkey Point court ruling

Don’t think FPL wants to “Gotta Jav Miami”

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