Friday phone calls

Every Friday I get home, pour a single malt, sit on a lounge chair and wait for the “calls”

They usually start out with “Hi Javier, sorry to be calling so late” and end with “have a nice weekend” HAHAHA, No you are not sorry, you just want to get this off your desk and TRY to screw up my weekend.

But remember “Mr. 5pm Caller” I’m in Real Estate, so most of my weekends are already screwed up….jokes on you!

Well this past Friday I got one that was classic, it went something like this;

“Hi Javier, sorry to be calling so late but remember that Short Sale that we approved yesterday?”

“Yes” I answer.

“well we decided to un approve it”

Sip…..”thanks, I really appreciate you doing that” …Sip….

“We’ll call you Thursday to update you”

Sip….”Can’t wait“…..Sip

wait for it….

“Oh, and have a nice weekend”


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