First time for everything…

So I’m on a train headed to Boston (the Cape actually) and I realized that this is the first time I have been on a train….I’ve been in Subways, Metros and Tubes…..but not on a real train.

Why is this a real train?

Couple of reasons……

You go to a Train Station (Penn station for me)
You stand in a single file line (stern looking lady makes sure)
You board thru any door (really, any door)
You sit wherever (again really) and the seats are comfy
You have tons of overhead space
You have a “conductor” stamp your ticket (and they put a card above your seat)

Train leaves on time….

You have WiFi
You have Cell
You have bathrooms (pretty clean actually)
You can pee and leave your stuff
You have a food car

This beats the hell out of flying and one more important thing………………..

You can bring a bottle (or two) of very good single malt and no one gives a damn!

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