And a Second time…

So after spending some time on the Cape looking at properties, I am back on the train (real one) and have some further thoughts.

Since I am returning during happy hour I got to go to the “cafe” car which is where I noticed this….

And I am not making this up….

A very efficient Dude behind the counter.
An Australian Dude ordering a soda
Two “Jersey Cougars” hitting on said Australian Dude
Australian Dude being Australian playing along
Jersey girls saying they “speak” Australian.

Me thinking “That would be English”

Lady ordering a Hot Dog in a bag
Efficient Dude Nuking said Hot Dog in a bag

AND…..Not making this up……

Some Connecticut Dude (Read White) asking for the Caesar salad with Chicken AND asking what type of Chicken….

Which Efficient Dude behind counter answered “I don’t know, it’s whatever they give me”

A side note;
Dear White Dude,
If you are on a Train (even a real one) and ordering a Chicken Caesar you deserve “whatever they give you”.

Oh and I just saw the Australian Dude coming out of the bathroom with the Jersey girls…They did just win the Masters…

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