F@#ing Zillow…

Here I am minding my own business thinking about what crazy topic I could write about today and as it’s election season, my mind is on Strong Mayor (NO), NCD update (Yes), Melreese Golf Course and No Bid Public Land contracts (NO and more on this another day) and just how stupid our District Commissioner is (VERY)…..when all of a sudden the interwebs throw me a bone in the form of an email from a client asking why their property has the wrong address on Zillow!

As most of you know I hate Zillow, it’s Real Estate Porn and should not be used by the general public (only pimple face, Cheetos eating, teenage boys living in their parents basement) and below is yet another reason why.

Some boring background first, in this gig you have “Listing” agents and then everyone else and everyone else wants to be a “Listing” agent but since they can’t be “Listing” agent, they will do some shady shit to ‘Pirate” My “Listing” as their own.


Zillow is a great platform for all this shady shit…

Ok, back to story…

Client sends me an email asking why does their property have the wrong address and am I an idiot because I don’t even know that I have the property listed under the wrong address?

Pretty harsh but I’m a big boy so I reply “Huh?” and follow up with “Let me look into it” (BTW; I spend countless hours looking into stuff) and so I do.

With a few quick strokes of my computer keys I find that some low life agent has taken my listing, changed a “70” to a “60” on the address and now is the contact point for my Listing.

Now I expect this from non ethical scammers trying to screw people out of money BUT a licensed Florida Realtor?

Oh, yeah this is Miami Real Estate, who am I trying to Kid…..”Ethics”….Really?

Get’s better.

I reach out to my Boy who has changed the listing and politely ask him to remove said listing and he replies….AND I cant make this shit up (because I have it in a text).

“What’s the Address”

followed by

“Please give me the address to be removed.”

At least there was a please and finished with…

“Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for let it me know. have a great day!”

So lets break this down….

“What Address”

Meaning he has done this before….

“Please give me the address to be removed.”

Really, got that many pirate addresses and since when do I work for you?

“Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for let it me know. have a great day!”

He’s sorry, he’s glad I let him know and he wishes me a “Great Day” but at no point admits that what he did is completely unethical (even for Miami) and simply wrong!

God I love this Gig.





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