Feeling Nostalgic…

So I’m going to turn 50 soon and last night I felt like was eleven again (yes, I know I can still act like that sometimes).

I had finished a easy run with Riley and as I hopped on my bike to ride home and it hit me; I had done this before years ago.

Growing up in North Grove (Secoffee St), we kids had the run of the place.

Always outside running around playing a serious game of hide and seek (no boundary limits) or on our bikes jumping ramps or playing chase and as dusk rolled around we would get the “time to come in kids” call; we would laugh and play a bit more. I would then get on my bike and ride home with the shadows of the large oaks engulfing me as I were entering a dark cave.

Last night brought back those memories as I rode my bike back home in the cool Coconut Grove breeze.

Ah, to be eleven again….

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