Cryptic Crap………..

Minding my own business when I get this on that stupid little window that appears as a hologram and spawned the movie “you have mail”

“You have received a secure message from Bank of America”

Quick, cue up the mission impossible theme.

You all know how I just LOVE BOA; so when the email hit, my immediate reaction was “oh well there goes another deal”

Damn and it’s not even Friday!

Well the email is so secure that it is almost impossible to open it.

You have to log in, create yet another user id & password; that is of course case sensitive, has to have 10 characters and must include caps, numbers and one Chinese letter.

And then you have to answer 7 security questions that will get you to another box that has those squiggly letters that old folks like me can’t make out.

So of course you go through all of this, hit enter and …………Nada.
That’s because you messed up, hit one wrong key and have to input all the same info back in.

Well after several attempts and a couple of choice expletives, I get logged in.

Want to know what the “SECURE” email read?
You know you do……………

“I sent an email to my contact requesting you be updated/contacted on the file again. Please let me know if you don’t hear back by the end of the week.”

Look if you have nothing to tell me…….at least wait till Friday at 5!

BTW; just to piss off BOA, I will unsecured all future secure emails, unless they self destruct in 5…4…3….2….

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