Craig’s List Realtors…….

Get your own Damn Listings and leave mine alone!

Folks, If you go on Craig’s list and see a place listed by someone and you call and that person and they have no clue as to what you are talking about, hang up.

I’m tired of “agents” posting my listing as theirs and then calling me to show “their” listings.

The best part is when they see me, they come up and shake my hand like I’m their customer since they have never met their “own” customer.

I usually play along just to see what happens.

Craig’s List Realtor; “Hi, Preston (like I look like a Preston), my name is Clueless nice to meet you”.

Preston (Jav in disguise); “Hi, Clueless the pleasure is mine”

CLR; “I called the agent and he said that he would meet us here, I guess he’s late”

P(JD); “No worries, can you tell me about the place while we wait”

CLR; “well I’ve never been inside but I hear it’s nice”

P(JD); “Cool, we’ll wait”

And we wait, and wait cause most of the times “Preston” does not show up and the CLR is left out in the cold.

I do feel a bit sorry for them but if they are trolling Craig’s List, they really should be doing some thing else.

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