Cocoanut Grove Village Council

OK it’s official, I’m in the running for one of the openings in the Cocoanut Grove Village Council.

Starting next week for Grove residents only, you will be able to vote for 9 candidates to represent you in matters directly involving the Grove.

This ballot also contains Mayor candidates and a little offering from the City of Miami about our waterfront master plan.

I highly recommend that you make yourselves very knowledgeable on this amendment which will directly affect Grove residents BUT is being voted on by ALL of Miami…..HUH?

Yes that is correct, The City has decided that all the folks in Miami have the right to decide what will be done with our little piece of heaven.

This is the language on vote:

Shall the City be authorized to lease approximately 7 acres of waterfront and submerged lands in 
Coconut Grove to Grove Bay Investment Group, LLC, providing for 1) a minimum of $1.4 million in 
guaranteed annual rent and 2) approximately $17.9 million of privately funded improvements to redevelop an existing marina and public baywalk, construct restaurants and, partially fund a public parking garage for a 50 year term with two 15 year renewal options? 

Sounds nice BUT….

What they fail to mention is that the “Public” Garage will house over 35,000 sq ft of  Retail space on the first floor… guess who is going to use the “public” garage?

They also say it will be “Marine” related retail….Really?….not at the SQ Ft rents needed.

BTW; City is “leasing” your waterfront for 10.00 a Foot for 80 years…..Really, SIGN ME UP!!

Also lets consider the “Marina Improvement”……….

It moves dock loading to Grove Harbor eliminating access to the dry dock loading area by Scotty’s, which becomes……no clue, some place you can pick up friends?
Now if you need to put your boat in the water, you only have 2, TWO, DOS spots to do so…..and guess who owns that?

Same guys who are developing the Grove Bay project……yes Boaters, prepare for long lines OR priority access at $$$$$$$

Listen I’m cool with the garage for public parking in a beautiful open park but I see no real reason for retail space (except the obvious) and a Marina Monopoly.

The waterfront plan has upsides BUT the City should let Us decide how to implement it.

Vote NO please, we can revisit this project later.

See complete Ballot here

My little bubble is “86”, please fill it in and I will do my best to make our concerns/interest heard by city officials.

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