CASH, what cash? or will I ever sell this place…….

Let’s start May’s recap with the first week.

Have a great listing in South Gables, very cute Old Spanish…in fact so cute that I’ve sold the place 6 times but that’s for another post.

Well the story goes like this.
Reduce said Old Spanish by 50k and all hell breaks loose and I get 5 offers, start working the deals and finally get one to a number that is acceptable to my sellers and right before the final initial in walks………………CASH.

CASH (as we will call this buyer) comes crashing in with a higher offer, no inspections and closes as soon as we can get the closing docs in line. This is Realtor heaven and we proceed to take CASH’S offer.

CASH signs and show proof of funds to the tune of like a kabillion dollars sitting offshore.

So far all good, meet several times with CASH and agent; CASH loves the place, discuss all sorts of simple improvements, in short all looks normal…………………so you know that this deal is about to go to hell faaaast…

And this is how faaast is;
Having a peaceful day playing golf kicking my brother’s ass on a bright sunny Saturday morning when I get the “CALL”.

The ” CALL” goes like this; Jav we need to meet, when can we meet “face to face“…….

My “WTF” meter goes off the chart and I just know that the cash that CASH has is actually from a Nigerian prince that they met on Craig’s list……

I meet with CASH, CASH explains that they have had a cash setback (shows official looking papers) and promptly flies to meet with the Nigerian oil minister.

I try and contact CASH (this is where it gets even weirder) CASH picks up call, we have a pleasant conversation….CASH assures that they want home and will be flying back from wherever the heck you find Nigerian oil minsters/princes/heirs.

In Short, NO CASH….but I have sold the place for the 7th time and yes it was not cash…CASH.

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