Brother can you spare a wash?

May part 2.
This one will go down as one of my most classic post closing moments.

Close on a home, nice young couple buys it and as most young folks they want to make some changes in the home; paint, clean, change the toilet seat.

So the couple is doing this one lovely Saturday afternoon when out of the blue………….wait for it…………

One of the Sellers family members shows up and starts to use the washer in the carport.

Imaging the new owners surprise when they see the basket of clothes and tide bottle.

Being young folks they freak; but think to themselves, hum maybe it was in the contract that the Sellers Family can do laundry for a period of time.

They quickly review the contract, make a couple of calls and come to the conclusion………


They confront said person who tells them;

“Well since you have not move in I thought I could do the wash”

When told, ahh no we now own the home and you are trespassing; this is when it goes classic……..

Not missing a beat, said family member goes for gold……

“well since I’m already here do you mind if I do just one load”

True story.

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