Best thing that happened………..

Was that I was not elected….really.


I’m way to busy in my real paying job.

True story.

While I was running for commissioner, I stated many times that I would serve only 4 years, I would not do the social political crap and I would not leave my paying job which is this Gig I call Real Estate… I said a lot about flying cars and Maserati’s.

During this whole campaign thing, I kept my full time Gig and I cannot begin to tell you the difficulties in managing all aspects of both; talk about problem solving.

Which brings me to this observation…..

For those who say “I want someone who is not a politician elected”…..well your lying, you not only want a politician, you are conditioned by all sorts of “folks” to electing the same type of politician.

The “folks” call it “Narrative”…

I called it “Bull Shit”…


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