I take great pride that as a Latin male that grew up in Mee-am-mi during the bad old days of the 80’s that I never made it to the “Big House” but now at the age of 49 I’m being put away for an……………….wait for it………………

No it’s not an April fool’s joke……….

An HOUR!!!!

Yes folks, someone who has hidden their identity (coward) has “volunteered” me as a top Gables realtor to spend an hour or so behind bars….in this case a restaurant bar (in this I DO have experience).

Why you may ask have I been put through this? For a good cause; it’s the annual Muscular Dystrophy lock up and I have to post bail.

Bail is set at 3200.00….so knowing all the folks that I know; I should be out sometime in August.

Hell I’ll bet that I could raise more if it were to keep me in!

More on this later; It’s sometime this month.

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