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I had my little fun with Zillow the other day and apparently feeling “dissed”, my boys at Trulia one upped them over the weekend.

It started as it always does with a breathless phone call that goes something like this.

“Hi, I’m really interested in the home you have in the Grove for rent, its a 4/3 and it looks beautiful and I have to have it and when can I see it and it looks great and I know that its really hard to find a good rental and …….” and by now since they have not taken a breath, they pass out and I have to wait for them to come back on the line.

Well since I don’t have a 4/3 for rent in the Grove BUT I do have a 4/3 for sale, I immediately realize that the listing has been “Jacked” by some low life in another part of the world.

So I ask a simple question;

Me; “Where did you find such a wonderful home”

Breathless in Miami; ” On my nifty, free mobile Real Estate app”

Me; “App?”

BIM; “yes, App”

Me; “Que es un App?”

BIM; “An app is something you down load from the Internet”

Me; “And”

BIM; but under their breath “it’s something that makes me think I know more then you”

Me; ” Can your little App give you any common sense?”

BIM; “Huh?”

Same old story that I’ve written about before, goes like this.

We input a listing, it goes all over the place “The Internet’s” and some shuck claims it on some lame site  at a reduced price and then some other not so lame site picks it up and before you know it it’s on a legitimate site (legitimate as in soon looking for IPO $) and the consumer calls (in this case, some dude named Chaf) and is taken for a ride….or worst thousands of dollars.

I took 20 calls on this property over the weekend and I hope no one sent old Chaf any dough.

Old saying kids, if it looks to good to be true….you know the rest.

BTW; good for all the folks who at least came by and called off my sign to confirm old Chaf’s story; you did the right thing.

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