6 Open’s in 4 hours…and boy are my feet tired.

It’s Sunday; so it must be open house day and we being good Realtors are working it to the end.

There are 2 purposes for this pretty useless blog; one is to give you a glimpse of why I run opens and the other is to see if this post automatically to my new face book account (how hip or maybe in my case; lame)

Open houses; the tired and true way of getting your name out there as a Realtor and along the way maybe pick up a client; or if single a date (happened to one of my assistants last week).

We spend endless hours sitting in homes, making the owners vacate (my favorite part) and meeting all sorts of interesting folks.

They come in several types and you know who you are.

The Lookers; these folks have nothing better to do on this given Sunday so they will go and check out furnishings, designs, bath fixtures and your wedding/baby pictures.
Hell it’s like going to IKEA and Home Depot without the crowd.

The Pro’s and Wanna Be’s; this is a subset of the lookers, they still have nothing to do but are Realtors and wanna be’s. The Realtors are cool cause most of the time they want to stop in say hello, shoot the s#$t and then tell you your over priced.
The wanna be’s come in telling you your overpriced and don’t even say hello.
(BTW; most of these folks have OD on all of those home design shows and havent a clue)

Neighbors; they are just nosy, never really liked you, want to see how you live and how much stuff you have.

Buyer’s; real quiet, ask few questions (they already know the basics) and then get their agent to call me for a formal appointment.

That kiddies is why I do opens and today we did 6 of them (with 2 people) how we did it is for another blog.

Now on to face book………….

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