You want a Wall……..

With that House?

OK, I’ve been doing this Real Estate thing for a while now but everyday I learn something new.

The Story:
Nice young family decides that they want to partake in Short Sale hell and they make an offer on a place; after what seems like a year (it was really longer) and meeting all sorts of lending criteria (FHA) we get to closing date.


Not so fast there young family; remember that interior wall that was missing?
The one that has been missing for the last year and no one gave a crap about?

Well surprise; the lender wants it back and they want it back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF; you would have thought we were holding the wall hostage or something.

Now; we’ve been in this deal, like what a year?
The day before closing you decide this is a “closing condition”?

NOTE TO LENDERS; relax, just cause you all #%^&* up and lent dough to anyone with a pulse, does not mean that now you have to become interior consultants.

Just worry about credit worthiness and let the pros worry about remodeling.

Oh and yes I did complete mile 153.3 of the “Raven Run“, even bought a shirt (had to it was a bit chilly) to prove it.

Interesting tidbit for those of you who suffer from OCD, Raven added a little change yesterday, first time he has done that since March of this year.

Where did he go?
Visited a lifeguard reunion on 10th St….and we all followed like little ducklings.

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