Why I love Short Sales……

Cause you just never know what is going to happen!!!!

So, we have been working this deal…. like forever and we call and call and get nowhere, the agent does not speak any language that I know of (a bit slow); we finally get to speak with the attorney’s that does speak a language that we know and this is what we get…….


“Attorney in bold”
Me, in wimpy non bold.

Your deal has not been accepted.
But we offered full price and it is NOT FHA.

Your deal has not been accepted.
You must mean that your seller’s short sale was not approved by their lender.

No, your deal was not accepted.
But we offered full price and there were no other offers.

No, your deal was not accepted.
Oh, OK (as I wallow in my ineptitude) Deal Dead…..or so you thought.

Week later…..

Idiot Realtor;
Hey have you called the attorney for a follow up?


Attorney; we are waiting to contact lender for approval.


Attorney; what do you mean deal dead?


Attorney; No, this is still a good deal.


Idiot Realtor…..What?

Me…..OK, I call customer tell him deal is still on.
Customer tells me…….


“Hey, I just drove by and the place has been rented”

Me, call attorney and their reply; you guessed it……………..


Idiot Realtor….no clue………

God I love Short sales!!!!!!!!

Oh and yes, I did complete day 10 of “Ravens Run” which means 80.7 miles.
You all might as well just start sending the checks……..

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