While I was away…..

The Gremlin’s struck……wirelessly!

Took a couple of days off to visit friends in BeanTown (also went to an old person concert, more on this later) and instead of causing any major climate incident as soon as I stepped on the Plane, my office wireless went…..Less!

Internet also went kaput and in short the office came to a complete halt.

So we busted out the old stand by; pencil and paper and plowed on thru it.

Ok, old person concert…..

You know your old when the folks on stage are mentioning the Everly Brothers” and the stage moves REALLY slow so they don’t fall off it.

Truth is Carole King still has it.

OH and for those youngsters who do not know who she is; well back in the days before “8 tracks” there was a thing called LP’s and she had the best selling LP of all time…….she also worte songs for the Everly Brothers…..

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