What is….

The Oldest profession?

It’s always been considered to be….let’s see how I “PG” this…..OK I can’t; Prostitution.

I disagree, I know it has to be Real Estate.


Folks ask me all the time “Jav, you are a Real Estate Broker and have My Magic City but you work for RE/MAX, what’s that about?”

Ah, the age old question…..”how the hell does Real Estate really work?”

Now I could go all official and explain that since we practice Real Estate in Florida or better yet Mee-am-mi, we are heavily regulated (and you wonder why) and that we can only be paid by our Broker and that the Broker is who “owns” the listings and that we can only work for one Broker and ….yada, yada……

So, I prefer to give this simple explanation:

Real Estate=Prostitution

Jav=Hooker (a pretty good one BTW)

So since I need to “sleep” with my “john” somewhere, I have to do it at RE/MAX; not EWM, Coldwell, KW, ETC or the “pimp” could break my legs…..

So to answer the age old question, you needed to sleep somewhere and chances are someone else owned it.

Real Estate, Oldest Profession and I hope that helps you understand Miami Real Estate……

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