Tri One recap

Got a call from some folks that wanted a recap as to how bad I had sucked on Sunday, here goes….

First for some reference, I did one of these last year in May prior to the Hip thing and my time back then was 1:20:58 which included almost 7 mins in Transition time (I could not bend down to put on Bike/Running shoes), so a time of 1:25:40 on Sunday was not very good.

My Swim and Transitions were better but my run (walk) at 36:07 blew….

Now it was pointed out to me that it was hot as hell, muggy as a bitch and we had head winds on Ride but I was still expecting better results.

Oh well, lets see how I do on Tri 2 because why be bad at only one sport when you can suck at 3 at the same time.

“GottaJavMiami” has to Tri harder…



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