Trash & Recycle pick up…

So most of you know that I can control the weather, usually it involves my vacations and hurricanes.


Did you know I also control what time your trash or recycle is going to be picked up?

You didn’t did you.

Here’s how it works.

IF I take out my Trash/Recycle Bin the evening before pick up, the trash folks come late in the day BUT  IF I do not take out the Trash/Recycle Bin the evening before they come….at F@#$%^ Dawn.

Like this morning where I figured it’s recycle day, they never show up early, I have time…Nope

Around 6:30AM, I’m nice and toasty in bed when I hear the squeaking brakes of that Blue monster and I jump out of bed and scurry down the stairs (another story just came to mind) and run outside, grab the bin and…..miss the truck cause they already passed by….

Now since I have experience in this little show, I walk across the street and place the Bin on the other side of the road WHICH ensures that it will now be picked up somewhere around 5 PM.

Another true story and this one goes back years, I also control the stock and commodities market.

Back in my Baking days we accumulated large quantities of Cardboard, it was just a thing we did. In an effort to be “Green” (This was way before it was popular) I decided to be the ONLY business to install a Big Blue container so that we could recycle all of the Cardboard that we accumulated.

So for the longest time we would neatly pile up the Cardboard in the bin and EVERY single day some dudes in Pick Up trucks would jump in the bin and take all the cardboard, not kidding this went on for years.

Well since the Bin was never full and the Company that I hired never really had anything to pick up I cancelled the service and…….you guessed it.

The very next day the Cardboard market plummeted and NO ONE would pick up the cardboard.

Stock Market?

I got out at 18.2, want me to make it crash???

Blue Bins @Gotta Jav Miami

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