To Box or not to Box

No I am not talking about Christmas gifts; well actually I am.
I have an uncanny ability to get myself in trouble this time of year and so again I have ruined another Christmas Gift
This one goes like this; on Friday during a work out we decide to do a little boxing and seeing as I do not own any gloves I decide it would be a good time to buy a pair…….no it was not.
Ana comes home, sees a nice new pair of gloves and thank god I took a boxing class.

Oh and yes there is Real Estate news to report, same old debate same old crap.

My take;
If all you think about is Dough and don’t mind peace of mind Rent, you will never get the same property for the money.
If you like to come home to your own place where no one can show up and say they want to show thier place when ever they want (in short peace of mind) Buy.

Simple stuff………….

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