Tip 8

Ok, this is a real one.

Now is a good time to review your insurance policy and after doing so, if you still have no clue as to what you just read…….join the club.

Insurance companies do this on purpose so they can soak you (hurricane pun).

There are a lot of options available to you to lower your premiums and still get the right coverage, ask you agent to review your policy.

Look for discounts (multi policies, mediation, replacement cost), but my very favorite is deductibles…..the higher the better.

Now for those who know me (I’m sorry) you know I’m not a big believer in insurance companies.
It’s a nice racket and they have all the numbers/variables covered, a little like the banking gig.

Hell if you want to know how long your going to live take out a life insurance policy, they have you dying exactly at the right date.

sorry I ramble….

Check your policy, look at your home and get informed.

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