The wrong stuff..

No tip in 3, just a commentary………gee what a surprise.

Remember needy Monday?
Well one of my favorite “needies” called me to ask about what I thought about impact windows?

Now they knew the answer already, but being Monday they felt “what the hell, let’s drive Jav crazy” and they did and so began my yearly rant on impact Windows/Doors.

It goes something like this:
This product is the result of some fabulous marketing (a little like the alarm companies) in an effort to scare the crap out of you into purchasing something for the wrong reasons.

I love impact windows/doors for 2 qualities, noise control (GREAT) and security (GREAT) but not for Hurricanes……..irrelevant.

Noise Control; love these babies, put them up don’t hear a sound (highly recommend them in Doral, where the city motto should read “home of the flight paths”)

Security; they are a bitch to break into.

Hurricanes; why?
Because something might hit them you say…………..and?

BTW; and? will lead into the most important tip (tomorrow)

The right stuff……………Worry about your roof, that is what is most exposed in a storm….and the insurance folks know this.

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