of my life.

Now I have known a lot of dumb Sellers but today’s Sellers have won top honors.

One of the KEY’S and I mean KEY’S in Real Estate, is that Sellers DO NOT show their own properties (unless…. see future post).

This goes with the age old adage “he who represents himself, represents a fool”

Well today I had the pleasure of one of those “special” moments where the seller felt that they had it covered AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I have been working a deal for months and in one small swoop….there goes my retirement fund!

It went like this:

Me; “Hi, I want to show your listing this afternoon; can I have the lockbox/alarm code again?”

Seller; “No, we’ll be more then happy to show it”.

Me; No really, no need to ruin your Sunday afternoon”.

Seller; “No it’s our home and we want to show it”.

Me; No, I can do this on my own, really”.

Seller; No, we are showing it and that’s that.

Me; f@#$%^ there goes my retirement!!!

Sure enough, here we go…….

Seller’s show up, looks Me and my folks up & down like we are some alien life form (if you don’t remember, I work in shorts) and as we are walking the property, one of the Sellers says and I quote.

“they can’t afford this home, they are not going to buy it”

And that’s when my retirement fund went…poooooof!

I’ve been selling since I was 14 years old and the first thing I learned is “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” (remember pretty woman?) and I have been quite successful there after.

So, Mr. & Ms Seller’s please keep your mouth shut when I show your property.

You might think you know it all, but really you don’t…..

In short, how many homes have you sold in your lifetime?

Well I do that many in a week.

BTW; the other dude in shorts at the showing is LOADED!!!!

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