The Non Counter….

Oh how I love them….

The Non counter is the way a Seller tells you ” @#$% you and the horse you rode in on” and in this market with such a large spread in asking price to final price; we get them a whole lot more then before.

While regular unrealistic sellers (non pros) are starting to use this tactic more often, this used to be a “Builders” first reply 99.9% of the time to any offer (The more things change, the more they stay the same)

So below is an email response to the listing agent as to the Builders (sellers) non response………enjoy.

Thanks for the reply and being builders, it’s exactly what I expected from them (I had told my kids that from the get go).

So here goes the reasons why they should accept and it will probably fall on deaf ears but what the hell……..I can’t help myself.

Sellers are asking 489.0 with a bad roof and 1664 sq ft.
Comps show 1600 sq ft selling in the high 3’to low 4’s with a direct comp selling at 410.0 (with nicer finishes and pool/lot/street).
So forget appraising this puppy…and right about here this eliminates about 70% of current home buyers (FHA) in this price range.

Now we have 30% left and the majority who will be CASH buyers and they NEVER, EVER pay Seller’s premium…..would these sellers pay?

So who buys the place for an above value price?

Yep, my kids……..Private dough, non investors and a Realtor (me) who can help them navigate the deferred maintenance required.

They say that your first offer is your best and at the end of the day they will not net more than the 410.0 if that.


Here goes…

Dear Seller,
Someone will offer you what you will accept and then they will do inspections and find Roof, septic, deferred maintenance deficiencies and freak out…… Back to square one.

(Things may stay the same but todays Buyers have changed, what we used to consider Charming they consider Old, Creepy and to quote…..EWWW……)
 My offer takes into account all of these and some items that have not been discussed (did I mention city tax card and sq footage?)

They should take this or just knock it down and deal with a pesky little unknown Florida Supreme court ruling that affects this particular neighborhood.

Give us the deal, we’ll get it close and you can move on.

Blunt enough?
Too Blunt?

Feel free to edit ……oh and tell me when they ask us to reduce our commission.

And yes you guessed it……no reply from seller but I feel a whole lot better; so does my buyer.

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