The Lebron factor

Ok Kids, here we go…..

Last night the Magic City just got hotter (but in a good way), as King James joins D Wade and Chris to make Miami Heat basketball relevant again.

But it’s just not about BBall, this will effected the Magic City in ways we have not seen in quite a while.

Sobe will become even more desirable as the “stars” again shine on winter nights.
Downtown will buzz as game nights become all nights and maybe, just maybe the Design District will happen.

The Grove, The Gables, South Miami all are poised for a spike as the sporting nation looks on.

Throw in a contending Miami Dolphins team, add the new “Miami” Marlins stadium and we have the makings of a great revitalization of the Magic City.

Buy now, Buy soon……the “Heat is On”!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, yeah I know the post is a bit “Homer” but I have lived here a long time and I know how this town reacts (consider this inside trading)……

Oh and Sorry Panthers; no one cares, you bailed on Miami and went to “broward”…….so 90’s!

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