Terrorist from the north!!!!!!

OMG, we are being threaten by a new wave of terrorism that the Dick Cheney did not warn me about…………..Canadians!!!!!!!


We all know they can’t drive, say “EH” alot, like Hockey and are pretty funny (Stephen Colbert) but I was not aware that they were a terrorist threat to Hollywood Florida.

Well apparently they are!

Working on one of those special rare deals where everyone is on board and there are absolutely NO issues.

Slam dunk, cash, close tomorrow, everyone is as happy as “pigs in caca” until the dreaded CONDO approval.

Now if you have never had the pleasure of having to sit in front of a complete moron (condo president) and be “Interviewed”……………..go to Arizona but I digress……

So these Canadians are ready to go until someone on the board decides that every “New” unit owner must get a police report….from Canada!

Key word here is “New”, as in an actual new sale in this building, as in this is the first sale in this building in like over a decade, like in this is the type of building were there is an EMT station on site, like as in heavens waiting room, like in WHAT THE HELL is this condo board thinking!

They need “New” blood like, like….I was going to make a “Twilight” reference but lost my train of thought….just like all those board members.

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