To me!

Under the guise that I was going to a Saks lunch with the wife; I grudgingly put on pants, a nice shirt and shoes (yes I own a pair) and looked forward to free booze.

Not so fast there Jav.

When we got to Ortanigue’s in the Gables, much to my surprise there were lots of folks I know waiting for me…..and to be fed.

They said they were there for me to celebrate my birthday BUT I KNOW all these folks; they were there for the free food/booze and to cook (Iron Chef style) with Cindy Hutson.

Highlights of the afternoon;

A childhood Friend (who I had not seen in forever) made a great ceviche.
A Friend seared some great scallops
My baking skills were showcased and I promptly lost the baking part of the competition.
A Friend who will come down for any party got locked out of my beach apt (I had the key)
My Brother can drink lots of beer with a straw (not recommended).

AND No one won the contest, general consensus was that we SUCK at cooking and should keep our day jobs.

Why a Real Estate Post?

Cause before the “lunch” I had a home inspection and after the “party” I had a showing.

Never a dull day in the Magic City… the next post will point out…..stay tuned.

Thank you Hon, you got me; never had a clue.

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