State of Coconut Grove…

Sort of…

So today the Real Deal held a luncheon with a panel discussion of some local movers and shakers (and after hearing what I did, I am glad I am not one of them) and we got to listen to these folks speak about what they feel the future of the Grove’s Core will look like in a few years.

While I was hoping to learn some new things, I honestly did not as I am in tune with most of the projects coming on line but I did get to listen to one of the most racist comments said that is driving the Grove Core’s direction.

It went something like this…

One of the panel members, while waxing poetry about the future of the Grove went on about how there are 6000 kids in local schools and they are trying to “capture” the parents to stay in the Grove.

Nice, makes sense.


Here is where it gets dicey….

The panel member also went on to say “that around 3200 of those kids go to private schools and you know the quality of their parents”

Dear Mike Comras,

You pompous #$%^#@#$.

I did not go to a private school and I can tell you one thing, my parents were of the highest quality and they instilled in me a sense of decency and fairness that see’s the “Quality” in all folks.

Maybe you should take a look at your upbringing, cause the sad part is…..You believe what you say.

You poor soul.

“Gotta Jav Miami”


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