"SS" Novella 5 (a Comedy)

Chapter 5 “The Challenge”
It’s late DECEMBER back in….(Got Frankie Valli in the background) 2011, we’re suppose to be closing and I have to deal with a low appraisal.

My options are slim to none with none prevailing…..

1; Ask the Buyer to “Pony up” the difference and the conversation went like this;

Me; Mr Buyer if you really want…..

Mr. Buyer; No, No and Hell to the No.

2; Ask Seller to “Pony Up” the difference and the conversation went like this;

Me; Ms Seller, if….(I never got to the “really” and no no’s just a big)

Ms Seller; “Hello, I’m in a Short Sale!”

Me; “Oh yeah, I forgot it’s been so long”

3; Ask Lender to Re Appraise.

Me; “Hey can’t we just reappraise this thing”

Lender; “Well Jav if were appraise it could readjust the continuum vortex and the index might move and we could lose the time window and the rates may change but the underwriter might……ZZZZZ”

BUT you could challenge the Appraiser!

Which takes us to 4;

The Challenge!

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