"SS" Novella 3

Chapter 3. “Do we condemn it?”

INSPECTIONS were quickly schedule and the results were not too bad, couple of minor items but since Buyers were first timers it looked like the place was falling down to them.

They approached me with a proposition;

Them; “Jav we want a CREDIT for all the stuff that’s wrong with the place”

Me; ain’t gonna happen”

Them; “why?”

Me; “Because lender does not care about all that stuff”

Them; “WHY?”

Me; “Because they will sell it to someone else; also no need to go all CAPs on me”

Them; “pretty please, could you ask?”

Me; “Sure” (pretty please always gets me)

On the same day I ask; “Dearest Lender, could you find it in your heart to reduce the offer price by 5K for repairs”

Lender; ” HAHAHAHA….NO

Me to Them “Lender said No”

While a bit sad and dishearten, the Buyers accepted the fact that Lenders never lose and continued with the deal.

Next step; APPRAISAL……and you know how I love them!

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