Something New!

Folks ask me all the time “So Jav, what do you think is a good deal in such and such a place”

And I’ll say something like this; “well you know such and such is quite large and it depends on what you are looking for, as there are many ways to look at such and such and………………….ZZZZZZZZZ.

In an attempt and this will be just that, an attempt, I introduce to you “Jav’s top 5 or 10 properties for such and such a place” and we’ll do it as only we can. (easy fellow realtor’s, you’ll want to make this list).

What criteria am I using you ask?

Square Footage?
Special Features?
Proximity to Amenities?
Hot, Famous Neighbors?

Yep, all that and the simple fact that I have actually seen the place.

Monica wants me to start in the Gables (cause she lives there), I say the Grove (my hood), Mike backs South Miami (his hood) and Erica says “is there a top 5 in shitkickers?”

So as a public service to all, we introduce “Jav’s seen it” !!!!!!!!!

“Hey, did’nt you introduce it as “Jav’s top 5 or 10” earlier in this blog post?

Yes, but I decided to change the name, it’s my Blog and I will do as I please!

“Yeah, but why don’t you just edit the post so that the name stays the same?”

Cause I don’t know how.

“Try copy/paste Ienstine”

Oh we’re going to start that again are we?

Now where was I before the editorials took over?

Ah yes, where to start “Jav’s seen it”

After much deliberation we’ll start in ……………..COCONUT GROVE!

Gee what a surprise…………….We’ll just start next week.

Enjoy the Holiday, see ya after the 4th.

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