Short Sales, Foreclosures, Estate & Fire Sales

And all in one day……..Real Estate (if you are out there) it’s never boring.

Short Sale; called lender all day and Nada, Buyer wants to kill me and I cannot do a thing but leave voice mails. I am powerless to drive this deal and I am not happy………which brings me to my favorite joke,
It’s called “and that’s how the fight started”

So I was heading to the gym yesterday and I rear ended a car, guy gets out and he is “vertically Challenged“.
He looks at his bumper and turns to me with hands on hips and states “I’m not Happy”
I ask, “So which one are you”…………..and that’s how the fight started :)

Back to story;

Foreclosures; It’s Buyer beware, you buy this place you own all of it’s problems. Just got one that was in the “Grow business” god I love this town.

Estate Sales; got two going on, most heirs cannot afford to keep property (this is my favorite buy) but there is always an attorney wanting his cut.

Fire Sales; got an offer on a condo unit yesterday at 50% off price, with repair demands. Whats a Seller to do? Do you tell Buyer to Pound sand?
I’m thinking of countering with my own demands like a golf/spa trip paid by the Buyer.

Funny how folks forget things that they learned in Kindergarten (good book BTW) but here is one to remember “if it sounds to good too be true, it probably is not“.

Oh and the herald has this on its front page as “breaking news“….no shit, what a surprise.

Off to show property….stay tuned.

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