Recycled Brokers Opens…

As you professional Home Buyers may already know, Wednesday’s we hold “Brokers Opens” where we hold our listings opened for our fellow brokers to stop by and eat….I mean Preview the property.

Yesterdays Opens reflected an ongoing element of this Gig I call Real Estate, “The Recycled New Listing”

Que es “Recycled New Listing?”

Same Home, Same Price, New Agent.

I wish Sellers would learn a simple fact, If it did not work the first time……chances are it won’t work the second time.

Reminds me of a classic Realtor saying which is VERY true; You want to be the First Child, Second Spouse and Third Realtor!

Another fun fact, In the last month there have been several of these Recycled New Listings and some have gone UP in price…..Come on Agents, have some Nad’s and tell your folks the truth.

OK, gotta go….need to call a couple of my Sellers!

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