Rats, Bats and Wangters……

Rats in the attic, Bats in the belfry and Huns at the gate……and I’ll get to the Wangters.

In short what I deal with at Home inspections.

As I have mentioned in my website, all homes should have an inspection and most of the time they go smooth………yeah right; they are ALWAYS a nightmare.

Yesterday’s was no exception; it was as clean of an inspections as I have done until…………..RATS!!!!!!!

Rats in the attic (well hell, that’s where they belong) and all parties freaked out; except your Trusty neighborhood Realtor.

See your TNR really knows about RATS because of a prior life as a Baker (yes I owned one).
In said previous life I purchased a Bakery that was REALLY infested with Mickey Mouses alter ego……I mean lots, like in the thousands……

True Story; In one day I killed 140 of the little @#$%^& , one with a broomstick.

So a couple of Rats in the attic is no big deal, Man up folks……

A couple of facts about Rats;
They can’t see very well (they need glasses) that’s why they run along walls.
They like meat not cheese (smell).
They can squeeze through very little holes because of their bone composition.

Why do I tell you this?

Because to get rid of the little vermin’s, cover/seal all holes leading into your home (A/C pipes and Soffit vents are most common entry points).
If you do get the little guys in; buy some glue traps, place a piece of sausage (any type will do) on it and place in corners.

Next morning you will find them squirming on the trap…..then hit them with a broom!

Which leads me to the Wangters, for all of you guys that just read this and said..EWWWWWW

MAN UP……..

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