The beauty of working with first time home buyers is that they are………………
hm,……….lets see how I put this………..oh yeah, clueless.

This fact paints me in a very favorable light and allows me to corrupt a new generation of “Bro’s” with my unlimited (yet unconfirmed) knowledge of everything home related; kinda of an Old Man’s guide to DIY.

Most projects start with “Well you could do it that way BUT in my days…”

We did not have all those fancy power tools.

We did not have Home Depot, we had Saunders.

We did not have electricity, we did every thing by hand.

Well, yesterday I had the pleasure to show my DIY skills to a couple of young lads who grew up wondering where you plug in a hammer.

After mixing some plaster ‘By Hand” and applying said compound to wall, I stepped back and showed them the MOST IMPORTANT lesson in all DIY projects.

This lesson has been past down thru generations of “MANLY MAN” and goes something like this;

Me; “Where’s the Beer?”

Lads; “Here master Yoda”

Me; ” Crack, sip, so did you hear about (insert pointless topic here)”

Lads; “No, please tell Master Yoda”

Me; “Well see it goes like this, Yada, yada,yada..”

Lads; so was she hot?

Me; “smoking”

Kids, it always ends with “was she hot”.

Oh, sorry back to the lesson.

Well by now several beers have been consumed, the “Plaster” has dried, cannot be worked on and in short its just one big lump of crap with the only solution, a “BFH” and duct tape.


A good handyman…..there Lesson passed on.

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